Every room at the Nonna Cecilia Bed & Breakfast in Panarea has its own story, starting with the name. The architecture is classic Aeolian, spacious and bright rooms that overlook the traditional patio surrounded by stone seats, called bisuoli. From these terraces, immersed in the greenery, you can admire the horizon, Stromboli, the islets in front of Panarea, the slow passing of clouds and ships.

And in the evenings, in the warm light of oil lamps, you can cool off while waiting, though never too long a wait, to see the eruption of “Iddu”, the Stromboli volcano.

Oil lamps? Yes, external electric lights on Panarea are not allowed and the Nonna Cecilia Bed & Breakfast management fully respects this island regulation. Guests are provided with an oil lamp to move around overnight in the property. An intelligent and traditional way to recreate the atmosphere of times gone by. You’ll soon get used to their warm light and turning on a switch will feel unnatural and the light of a light bulb will seem too violent.

The beds, single or double, as per tradition, are made of stone, but of course only the base, don’t worry: they all come with slatted wood frames and comfortable mattresses.

All the rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi, mini-bar, air conditioning, TV and outside the Nonna Cecilia Bed & Breakfast in Panarea there’s a bar for a refreshing drink after a day at the sea.